Lauren Bushnell met fiance Chris Lane at one of our iHeartRadio events!

I was on my way to Summerfest on Saturday night when I found out Lauren Bushnell would be there with her new fiance, Chris Lane (who had a PACKED crowd at the ULine Stage).

Now I'm not going to lie to you ... I haven't watched "The Bachelor" in years. Like since high school. And no I will not do the math on that right now.

Of course I have heard of Lauren though and knew she was on the show, but besides that, I didn't know much except that she recently got engaged to Chris Lane. Let me tell you ... she's SO insanely nice and real, and I'm so glad I requested the interview prior to getting on the grounds!

We were given 5 minutes to record for my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast, but I went for 8 (go big or go home, right?) and I could have kept talking to her for an hour more! She's very down to Earth, a great interview, and so pretty!

Lauren told me about how it hit her Chris was proposing, where they met (it was at one of our iHeartCountry Festivals!), and what TV show she loves to watch when she has time (side note: HIGHLY recommend this one too!).

Listen below or search for "Women Crushing It Wednesday" on your iHeartRadio app!

If you haven't seen the engagement video yet with Chris Lane and Lauren, watch below but grab some tissues!!!

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