Lauren Alaina wants to collaborate with this 90s girl group!

It's been a little over a year since I started my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast (Clare Dunn kicked things off!) and this year at Summerfest we had a Women Crushing It Wednesday show on the US Cellular Connection Stage! Nora Collins, Lindsay Ell, and Lauren Alaina were all a part of it, and it was a fantastic all ladies show for sure!!!

I have heard nothing but great things about Lauren and her bubbly personality, and all of those people were so right! She's very nice and a lot of fun ... she's the type of human you want to be around.

We talked about her time on "American Idol", the ladies of the 90s she wants to collaborate with (and of course, 90s fashion because it was the best), and her songwriting process.

Listen below or search for "Women Crushing It Wednesday" on iHeartRadio!

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