Shannen O Got Engaged Over the Weekend!

Surprise! Shannen O got engaged over the weekend!

Here's how it went down: Adam and her have talked about getting engaged for a little bit. They went ring shopping at diamond event, found something she liked, but Shannen didn't know that Adam ended up buying it on the spot after she left to go to a different store. Adam held onto the ring for a few weeks until Saturday night.

After picking Shannen up from Summerfest, they were hanging out at his apartment joking around about getting engaged. After Shannen "calling his bluff" a few times saying that he didn't have a ring, Adam said, "You really don't think I have one? Watch this." He went under his bed, pulled out a ring and proposed.

Very simple. Very "Shadam" (as her family likes to call them). What made it? He took her directly to Bel Air after for celebratory tacos!

Long story short, if you have any tips or recommendations for venues, photographers, bands, caterers and all that jazz...hit a girl up!

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