I Finally Found A Great-Fitting Pair of Women's Jean Shorts!

Shopping for clothes as a woman (at least in her 20s/30s/40s) is a real struggle - especially when it comes to summer. I've specifically been looking for a pair of jean shorts this summer that cover my butt fully, which apparently is hard to come by these days, and isn't outrageously priced. I have checked everywhere - and I'm a big store-shopper. As in, I don't like to order things online that much because I have to feel the fabric, try it on without the struggle of worrying about returns, etc... I looked at American Eagle - where I need to go up two or three sizes for the shorts to get over my legs, but all of their shorts are WAY too short for my taste. Seriously, I don't want you to see the indentation of where my butt starts. I will say, however, Aerie has the most comfortable plain TShirts you'll ever find that are pretty loose fitting. You can find those here. Oh, and their swimsuits.

Ok, back to shorts. I looked for Levi's in-stores but didn't really want to pay the high price and most stores didn't carry the style I'd want. With all of Levi's options online, it was hard for me to figure out which color was actually the color I wanted. I moved onto Loft, which is my usual go-to for pretty much any type of clothing...especially jumpsuits and rompers. I have a few pairs of their jean shorts, but they offer a little too much coverage and are a tighter fit. I'm looking for those high-wasted mom-jean type loose fitting that won't stick to you at Summerfest when you're sweating and have to run to the bathroom.I tried so many other stores but the fit just wasn't there. Gap, Old Navy, Pac Sun, etc...

That's when an advertisement popped up on my Facebook page because I must've been talking about my struggles to a friend via text. Now, this advertisement was for Madewell. Madewell's a little pricey for me, but I've been having some luck with their sale rack lately, so I decided to take a look. I found three pairs of shorts that I really liked...wait, what?! Was this actually happening? I'll tell you now, they were all high-wasted which is what I was personally looking for. Unfortunately, they weren't available at the store, and I had to order them online. I went with this pair and and this pair.

After waiting three days, they came in the mail yesterday, and I fell in love instantly! I'm a little disproportionate in retail terms (aren't we all), but the fit was fantastic. Loose enough that I could sit down without them squishing my thighs together and long enough to cover my rear end completely, so I actually feel comfortable in public.

Long story short (about shorts hehe), it was a success. If you have any recommendations on other stores, PLEASE HOLLA AT YOUR GIRL.

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