Crack the Code to Target's Markdown Schedule

I think I'm pretty safe to say that you probably love Target. Am I right? That's because the stores are always clean, organized and give you some pretty good pricing. Because you're constantly hitting what Ridder likes to call, that "Target Copay," when you go into the store every single time, you're probably wondering how you can save a buck.

Well, according to All Things Target (yes, this is a real website), there's a markdown schedule for the stores. It may vary by location, but you get the gist:

Each week, Target marks down items in departments depending on the day. The article says that most markdowns will be 30% off to start, move down to 50% after two weeks or so and then finally, the items will be marked down to about 70%...what a steal!

Visit (this link) from All Things Target to get more of an explanation. Here's a pretty cool graphic that the site has regarding the days that things get marked down, as well!!

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