Top 10 Traits of Admirable People

According to Forbes, people who are highly admired have a few things in common. Ten to be exact. If you're trying to earn respect from other people or just be a little more liked, maybe check yourself when it comes to these things:

  1. Humility - The ability to love ourselves without being conceited. Forbes lists self-awareness and self-management as a major part of this.
  2. Ability to learn - We're not just talking stats but the willingness to learn and ask questions.
  3. Integrity - You have to be loyal, ethical and transparent.
  4. Responsibility - As Boy Meets Worlds says, "Life's tough, get a helmet." We all make mistakes, but the ability to own up to them is key.
  5. Resilience - We might mess up, but we have to keep going. We might have people fall off, we have to keep going. When times are tough, you have to keep going.
  6. Compassion for others - Love others, be kind and be empathetic.
  7. Respect for others - This could be for the CEO or the intern. Respect people's time and efforts.
  8. Big vision - Having the ability to "dream big" and also provide a plausible way of getting there is extremely admirable. Big goals are possible, and encouraging others to go after them is key...which leads us to:
  9. Inspiring others - Encourage and reassure those around you. Inspire them to get up off their butts and believe they can achieve greatness.
  10. Reinvent ourselves - Once again, life is tough, but we can't let that affect us. If something's going wrong, the ability to adjust ourselves and what we can control is necessary.

There's the formula!


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