Carrie Underwood, NFL and NBC Being Sued For "Sunday Night Football" Song

Yesterday, Carrie Underwood, NBC and the NFL were sued by a team of 4 songwriters for the 2018 Sunday Night Football song, "Game On."

According to ESPN:

The lawsuit in Manhattan federal court noted that Underwood's "Game On" even carried the same title as the song singer Heidi Merrill of Newport Beach, California, put on an internet music video two years ago.
The lawsuit sought unspecified damages, saying the copyright was violated on the song that had been pitched to Underwood's representatives in 2017.
The lawsuit said Merrill assembled the group to create the song in 2016 as a follow to her Nebraska-themed football anthem "Cornhusker Strong."

You can listen to both songs below.

Now, really how close the songs are that close. BUT, the ESPN article also said:

Merrill pitched the song to Underwood's producer in August 2017 during a conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where Underwood lives, the lawsuit said.
It said the producer referred Merrill to his assistant, who told her in an email in October 2017: "I'm sorry, we're going to have to pass."
The lawsuit claimed that the song that introduced 17 NFL Sunday night games through the season beginning in September 2018 "is substantially -- even strikingly -- similar, if not identical," to the song Underwood's team had rejected.

So what do you think? Do you think this warrants a law suit?!

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