Help Advance Medical Research for Better Treatments with "All of Us"

Do you ever get frustrated when a treatment the doctor prescribed isn't working? Think about it, you probably have a sickness that tons of people currently have, but you're all being treated the same way. If our bodies work differently because we're all unique, why are we still giving every person the same medicine or treatment plan?

The All of Us Research Program has a simple mission: to speed up health research breakthroughs. To do this, they are asking one million people to share health information. In the future, researchers can use this to conduct thousands of health studies.

If you want to be part of this incredible initiative, click here to get started. People of all kinds are invited to join! No health insurance is required, and it doesn't matter if you're healthy or have a long-term health issue. In other words, a diabetic like me can help, too! You do, however, have to be 18.

This of how all of this data will help advance research! All of Us aims to reach a diverse audience to provide better treatments on a case by case basis for individuals - aka "precision medicine." Basically, with this initiative, doctors will better be able to identify risk factors for certain diseases, join people with the right clinical studies and figure out which treatments work for different types of people.

Hopefully, if enough people participate, we'll have better tests to see if people are sick or at risk of getting sick, better mobile apps to encourage healthy habits and better medicine or information regarding how much and what type of medication is best for each person!

The future of health begins with YOU!


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