This Idiotic "Tattoo" Trend Is Back This Summer

I don't want to be preachy but I feel like I have to in this situation ... DON'T BE A BONE HEAD AND ENGAGE IN THIS!

Back story: Ya girl used to be a tanaholic. I worked at a tanning salon, and I got it for free, so I took full advantage of it. Now, I'm paying the price with these terrible sun spots and wrinkles, and had a little bit of a cancer scare a few years back.

DON'T. BE. 2009. ME.

I'm so incredibly annoyed by this new trend that is out there on the internet. They're called "sunburn tattoos", and people are posting their's online.

  2. It looks so flipping stupid

How it works is people are putting these stickers or stencils on their skin, getting sunburns, and then taking the stickers/stencils off. See below.

Usually I'm not one for calling people names, but to save someone's life, please tell them how much of a moron they are if you see them doing this.

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