Blood Found In Salad At A Panera In Waukesha

The Southwest Chile Lime Chicken Salad is one of my favorite salads of all time, and I actually almost got one today from Panera. However ... I'm kinda glad I didn't now after reading this.

A teen girl visited a Panera location in Waukesha, and noticed that there was a red liquid in her salad. She & her sister thought it was blood, but when they told one of the employees, they insisted it was the dressing. They made the teen another salad, and the same thing happened. She then brought the salad back AGAIN, and the manager admitted that one of the employees had cut themselves and didn't realize it.

"I was traumatized, I was crying and I tried to hold myself together," said the young customer. "I've never had something like that happen to me before and I was scared I was exposed to something."

Get more on that story here.

Also: Let's be honest .... I'll probably go there again next week. HAVE YOU HAD THEIR SALADS?! They're magical. I'll just examine my food from there (and every where for that matter, ha!) more closely from now on.

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