How Wisconsin Got Its Name Will Suprise You.

Where did Wisconsin get it's name? What does Wisconsin even mean? Every state has it's story as to how it got it's name and Wisconsin's is one of mistake and miscommunication.

According to Insider this is Wisconsin's story:

European explorer and missionary Father Jacques Marquette called the Wisconsin River the "Meskonsing" in his journal during a voyage. Explorer Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle misread Marquette's capital "M" and reprinted it "Ou." Various misspellings eventually led to the most commonly used "Ouisconsin." After the War of 1812, Americans frequented the state and eventually dropped the French "Ou" for the American "W."

Next time someone says you made a mistake, remind them of how a mistake saved Wisconsin from being named Meskonsing.

And while we're at it lets laugh at ourselves thanks to our friend Charlie Berens.

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