Pewaukee's JJ Watt Proposes to Girlfriend, Kealia Ohai

As if there was any doubt, JJ Watt proposed to his girlfriend, Kealia Ohai, and she said "YES!"

The couple announced their engagement over the weekend, and it looks like Watt went all out as the two went on vacation, including the pre-proposal dinner: chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and champagne. After they announced their engagement on social media, the future Watts received congratulatory messages from people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chip Gaines, Lindsey Vonn and more.

JJ Watt's surprise didn't stop at the proposal: he flew in Kealia's family and friends in, so they could celebrate after arriving home. Proud of the Pewaukee-Native for his "romantic side," and we wish him and Kealia the most happiness in their future!



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