Why BTS Fans Left This Restaurant Owner With One-Star Yelp Reviews

New York eatery co-owner Bobby Kwak of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong has learned a hard lesson: BTS ARMY is not worth fighting.

Earlier this week, the K-pop group took over New York City for a huge promotional blitz, including a stop at iHeartRadio LIVE, and dined at the Midtown restaurant on Tuesday night (May 21). Unfortunately, Kwak made the wrong move by posting a video of the septet on Instagram, prompting many fans to accuse him of violating their privacy. It didn't help that his post had some discouraging words to say about the band. "Maybe I am being too harsh or maybe it’s way past my time but I feel like Big Bang had more talent than BTS. Kinda like Jordan vs. Lebron debate but I will admit they are slowly growing onto me," he captioned the since-deleted video, which was seemingly hidden camera footage, or at least that's what ARMY thought.

"The video taken yesterday was not done by Baekjeong the restaurant but by myself personally while I was eating there. There are no hidden cameras, and I take full responsibility. I got star struck," Baekjeong wrote in a new post, attempting to save face for the incident.

Either way, the damage has been done and that includes the reputation that the restaurant has on Yelp. The social media network has since put a notice on the eatery's page, which reads "This business is being monitored by Yelp's Support team for content related to media reports." Click here to see it for yourself!

Photo: Getty Images