Is it ok to do this before you buy it?

The other day when we were grocery shopping, I got a little thirsty. So, I grabbed one of the drinks from our cart that we were buying, and cracked it open (no, it wasn't booze .... just some boujey ((is that how you even spell it?)) healthy drink that I'm a basic chick sucker for).

I have done this before, and every time my husband Jesse gives me a mini eye roll. He doesn't understand why I can't wait until we're done. Sometimes it takes awhile though to get all the shopping in! And if I'm going to buy it any way, what's the difference?! I always hold onto the bottle/can and explain when I check out ... and so far, knock on wood, no one has gotten annoyed with me.

What do you think? Do you do it too? Or is it a total no for you, dawg?

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