This guy created a prom dress for his date from scratch!

Going to prom can be SO expensive! I remember when I found my dream dress for my Senior Prom, my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw the price. But I knew it was the perfect one for me. So, I got a part time job to help pay for it.

According to, the price of a prom dress can range anywhere between $99 and $600 .... SIX. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Mine was in the middle... and I thought THAT was way too much!

A girl named Addi in Indiana found a dress she absolutely loved, but she knew she couldn't afford it ... so she jokingly said to her prom date, "Why don't you just make my prom dress!" Apparently dude is down for a challenge because he's never sewn before, and started making her dress back in February with the help of his grandmother. Kudos to Parker for doing this, because it turned out to be a beautiful dress! Girlfriend looked like a modern day Cinderella.

Now THAT'S a great friend!

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