Beers and a "work out" - Milwaukee Pedal Tavern did not disappoint!

I was SO EXCITED to start this partnership with Milwaukee Pedal Tavern, and let me tell you .... they do NOT disappoint!

I have been wanting to do one of these for the longest time, and I got to experience it last weekend with some of my friends, my husband, and a few of his friends too. This bad boy can hold 16 people, so you can rent it for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or .... WORK OUTINGS! Tell your boss that it's for "office bonding", and they'll be all in! We didn't have a special reason for going out other than the fact that it was a Friday night, and we were lucky enough to get a comped trip from Milwaukee Pedal Tavern. AND I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN ALREADY!!!

We had beers (I of course had to have Spotted Cow) and other adult beverages on board with us (you're allowed to bring up to 3 cans per person, and truthfully we had some leftover), and we made stops along the way (including Mob Craft and the very interesting George's Pub).

It was 2 hours long, and it felt like 15 minutes ... it went by so fast! We had a blast, and I can't recommend them, and our fantastic guide Daryl, enough!

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