Teacher Creates the Generation Z Dictionary

Every generation has it's own slang terms and Generation Z is no different.

A Twitter user recently shared a screenshot of a document created by her sociology professor, James Callahan of Lowell High School which translates the meaning of current slang terms, which he calls “Callahan’s Generation Z Dictionary.” The document contains a green column with words like “sis," "spill the tea," and "snack,” along with a yellow column with his attempts to define them.

The teacher says he created the spreadsheet in order to better connect with his students. Why wasn't there a list like this for all of us?

Here are his list of latest words and what they mean:

  • High key– very obvious
  • Hop off– mind your own business
  • I’m dead– that was amusing
  • Low key– not very obvious
  • Mad mad/big mad– very mad
  • No cap– I’m serious
  • Opp– snitch
  • Pull up/come through– an invitation
  • Put someone on– getting someone into a trend
  • Rashing– making fun of someone
  • Real one– someone you trust
  • Run that– to start
  • Secure(d) the bag– receiving money
  • Sis– exclamation of disbelief
  • Slaps– of high quality
  • Slay– do really well
  • Smacks– a tasty treat
  • Snack– a person who looks good
  • Stay up– you’ll be ok
  • Sus– suspicious
  • Take the L– willingly make a sacrifice
  • Tea/spill the tea– gossip
  • Tight– extremely mad
  • Tweakin– overreacting

Source:USA Today

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