I Tried The Zombie Facial, And These Were My Results

Remember when Drew Barrymore was posting some scary looking pictures on Instagram while doing an at-home facial? She did a Hanacure Mask , and a set of 4 costs $110.

Instead of going big with thmask, I decided to use one that I read great reviews on that was not nearly as expensive! The first time I had heard about the Skin1004 Zombie Mask, it was on a chain with real women talking about skin care products that gave them awesome results. I then jumped on Amazon to check it out, and for $25 for 8 treatments, I was sold! It claimed to tighten pores, clear up break outs, and add hydration to the skin, and let me tell you .... spoiler alert .... it did just that!

So basically you get this thin packet that you squeeze into the little Chick Fil A sauce looking guy, and then mix it up with the brush (also included in the kit). Then, you basically paint your face with the mixture.

At first it just looked like a clear mask on my face (you want to steer clear of your lips and hairline still), and then about 5 minutes later, the horror started happening. I felt my skin getting tighter, and then I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it! I straight up looked like something Daryl Dixon would shoot his crossbow at.

After about 15 minutes of wearing the mask, it was time to take it off. I used just warm water to soften it up and remove most of it, and then I used a warm wash cloth to get the leftover dried stuff off. My skin felt super clean afterwards, and it was nice and bright! This picture was taken right after, and I noticed the following day how my pores looked smaller and that my skin overall looked brighter. Highly recommend!!! I can't wait to do it again.

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