Got a pain in your neck, or in your back? Try cupping!

Ya know how you wake up, and you get that terrible pain on the one side of your neck, and you tell yourself, "I WILL NEVER FEEL OK AGAIN EVER THIS IS TERRIBLE"?

That happened to me last week. The only thing you can do is continuously complain about it .... or so we thought.

My husband saw me straining to look over my left shoulder while we were driving around New York over the weekend, and he called and made me an appointment at his go-to place, One Source Wellness & Chiropractic in Brookfield.

I've had Amber in for my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast (which you can listen to here, or directly on our iHeartRadio app) to talk about her specialty, cupping. I was so excited to finally be able to go in and do it for myself, and lemme tell you ... I was NOT disappointed.

I got a deep tissue massage to start things off, and then Amber did FIRE CUPPING on me. From their website below:

Cupping is the inverse of massage and involves negative pressure rather than compression. This ancient art combined with massage is great for alleviating muscle and joint pain with minimal discomfort, making this one of the best forms of deep tissue, myofascial release, and manual lymphatic drainage available.

The suction from cupping lifts and stretches connective tissue and muscle to loosen adhesions (aka knots) and brings healthy blood flow to the area allowing the body to heal itself. The increase of circulation creates the marks you see associated with cupping. As the body relaxes, old stagnated blood is drawn to the surface of the skin to be recirculated through the body, leaving a red or purple mark for around 3-5 days or in some cases longer. This assists the body in healing and is not bruising, as they are not created by impact or injury.

I felt instant relief in my neck that had been aching for over a week, and I slept like a champion that night.

Here's the funny part .... the next day, I went to the gym, and got some very weird looks while working out in a tank top. I had completely forgot about the marks. Don't be alarmed .... they are NOT bruises, and they only last for about 3 days. My skin feels like I have a very slight sun burn, and it's been 2 days since I got it done. BUT - it is totally worth it for the relief!

*I paid for my visit, so before you start being all like YEA OK YOU'RE PAID TO SAY THIS .... take it down a notch. Amber's services were worth every penny, and I will definitely be going back!

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