First Responder Friday: Katie Schnell

This weeks First Responder was nominated by Andrew from Menomonee Falls. Here's what he had to say about Katie Schnell from the Mt. Sinai ER:

"I would like to nominate my hero, my wife, Katie Schnell. As a police officer, I see first hand the chaos, pain and turmoil an individual goes through when in need. As an ER nurse, Katie, delivers upon the gold standard in providing care, passion, expertise and devotion to her career as a nurse in a busy urban hospital. Katie along with her colleagues work 12-14hr shifts with little time for breaks or catching a breath. Katie works under constant strain and pain from a work place injury while carrying our first child due in 65 days. For the reasons I gave and the ones I can describe I am proud to call Katie my wife and honored to call her my hero! "

Thanks for all you do, Katie!


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