Raise awareness for sexual violence victims with Denim Day

Have you heard about Denim Day before? Or maybe you have, and you didn't know the story behind it?

Denim Day was started because a woman in Italy was raped by her driving instructor, but it was ruled consensual since she had to help him take off her jeans. Yup ... pretty disgusting, right?

Now, every year, a day is set aside in April where we are encouraged to wear jeans in support of her and everyone else who has been affected by sexual violence. This year, it's one week from today - April 24th, 2019. Not only can you wear yours on that day to show solidarity, but you can also encourage your workplace to get involved if you don't usually wear them to the office. Talk to your boss about collecting donations from those who decide to wear jeans that day which can help organizations who are trying to help those who have gone through this.

This year, we're having a friendly battle with every one in the building on who can collect the most pennies in their jars for these organizations. There's tons of ways that you can help too, and Dawn Helmrich, who is one of the people here in Milwaukee that wanted to raise awareness on Denim Day locally, talked about that this week on my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast.

Dawn had a horrific experience over 20 years ago, and now she wants to help others who have gone through the same or similar. The strength this woman has is unbelievable, and her support for others is inspiring.

You can hear Dawn's story, how you can help, and how she thinks the #MeToo movement has helped on our episode below. You can also search for Women Crushing It Wednesday on our free iHeartRadio app.

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