Carrie Underwood Welcomes Kelsea Ballerini into Opry Familyl

Congratulations to Kelsea Ballerini for being the newest member inducted into the Grand Ole Opry family. Last night, Carrie Underwood welcomed Kelsea, and as you could expect, emotions were running high. It's every country star's dream to become a member of the Opry. If you remember a few weeks ago when Kelsea opened for Little Big Town, they invited her back out on the stage to sing with them. Karen and Kimberly threw her for a loop when they changed the lyrics to the song, asking Kelsea if she'd like to join the Opry. HOW DO YOU RECOVER FROM THAT?! Thankfully, Kelsea was done singing, so her opportunity to cry was in full-force. So happy for this talented, young woman!



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