Help Oconomowoc Make-A-Wish Kid with Her Wish!

What an incredible thing we have the power to do. If you're not familiar with Make-A-Wish, the non-profit organization grants "wishes" to kids with critical illnesses, so they can focus on the good things in their lives, rather than worry about their sickness. Wishes can range from meeting celebrities to Disney World trips to becoming things like police officers for a day.

How would YOU like to help make one of these kids "wish" come true? Seven-year-old Ashlin is looking to be a viral sensation! Her wish was to create a music video with her friends - she did it - and it's awesome! Now, we want to help get her noticed. Share the video below on your social pages with #ashlinswish. Together, we can get her trending and make the community realize the big star that she is!



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