This "Us" theory is mindblowing!


Ok, now you can't get mad at me.

This past weekend, Jesse & I went to see "Us", Jordan Peele's new horror movie, with some friends. We all loved "Get Out" from Peele a ton, so we were all super excited to see this one.

On Rotten Tomatoes right now, it has a 94% rating. Is it shot really well? Yes. Is the acting phenomenal? Of course because hello ... Lupita Nyong'o. Did the director do an amazing job? Yea ... Jordan Peele is the freaking man. But do I think a 94% rating is a little high for this movie? Again.... yes. It was good, but I would give it about a 75% rating because I think the whole twist could have been executed better. Some parts were a little slow, while more important ones felt rushed.

Regardless of being slightly let down, I fell into an "Us" rabbit hole (pun intended) after seeing it. So many of the theories and fan/reviewer explanations were fascinating to me, but my favorite one was from Kalen Allen who you may or may not know from his silly food review videos.

Kalen's theory on Jason and Pluto switching in addition to Red and Adelaide completely blew my mind. Check out what he had to say below, and try to tell me he's not right!

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