First Responder Friday: Alex Schoenberger

This weeks First Responder was nominated by a few people, including Angie, Kyle, Jon and Krystal! Here's what they had to say about Alex Schoenberger from the Randall Fire Department:

Krystal: "Alex is my cousin, he takes pride in what he does always putting others before himself. He has a beautiful new family, his fiance Megan and new born baby boy Bradley James. Besides being a first responder at the fire department he's in the National Gaurd and studies Criminal Justice at Gateway Technical College. He's an amazing man and he's only 24!"

Jon: "Alex is always putting strangers lives before him he is currently in school to be an EMT and a police officer. Alex has been a firefighter for Randall for 3 years and is also a 6 year Army Veteran."

Kyle: "Been a volunteer Fire Fighter for 3 years. And is going to school to be a Emergency Medical Responder and is also in school for Criminal Justice as he wants to be a cop or deputy. Is also a 6yr vet for the Wisconsin National Guard."

Angie: "Alex has been a firefighter for 3 years, in school to be a cop and a EMR. And hes a 6 year Army vet."

Thanks for all you do, Alex!

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