Get your sweat on at Milwaukee Power Yoga!

A couple years ago, I was planning our wedding in Buffalo, NY from Albany, NY, which is about 5 hours east. It was a little stressful as wedding planning usually is, but not actually being in the same town as our venue or photographer or DJ or really anything else added more stress to the pile. Luckily for us, all of them were amazing to work with (shout out to Hotel Lafayette, Dawn M. Gibson Photography, and H&H Entertainment), but I was still nervous on how everything would go down because I'm a complete spaz & overplanner.

I wanted to find something that would calm me down, and I found Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. She's so silly, and her calming voice and yoga routines were just what I needed. I got my husband into it too, and he wanted to try hot yoga eventually. I wouldn't budge on it because I HATE to sweat! A few months after we moved here to Milwaukee, my friend Kelsey at work suggested we try Milwaukee Power Yoga because one of her friends liked it there a lot. Again, I really didn't want to do it, but gave into peer pressure from Kelsey and my husband.

After we took our first class, I fell in love. I felt amazing, and I actually liked the sweating ... a lot! I noticed my skin looking better, and my body wasn't feeling so cramped ... if that makes sense. You can try them out too - 10 days for $10! I used the Mind Body app ... it's really easy to use and you get points with your purchases!

We took a Sunday night class one weekend (when we usually take the earlier classes), and that's when I first met Karly. She had such a bubbly way about her, and she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself and have a good time.

I reached out to Milwaukee Power Yoga for the owner to come on with me, but she politely declined, and passed on the info to her instructors. I was so happy to hear that Karly wanted to do it!

This week, we talked about the common misconceptions of yoga, how hot it actually gets in the studio, and her favorite things about Milwaukee (along with why she moved here too).

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