Central Standard Distiling Releases Special Bourbon Poking At Chicago Cubs

Milwaukee's own Central Standard Distillery is swinging for the fences this year. They created a special Wisconsin Brandy called North40 that's become the exclusive brandy sold at Miller Park and featured in their old fashioneds. Now they have hit another home run with a new concoction called the L Flag Bourbon.

L-Flag is limited-run small-batch bourbon wrapped in a blue label designed like Wrigley Field's L flag flown when the team loses. Available for $30 a bottle starting Today while supplies last in Central Standard's Union Room at 613 S. 2nd St., the L Flag Bourbon was created in tribute to the Brewers/Cubs rivalry as well as the Crew's dramatic Game 163 victory last season.

This is a must have for every Brewers fan ahead of this weekend's big I94 rivalry series.

You can read more and get the fun backstory about how this bourbon is going to help charity from our fiends at OnMilwaukee.

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