New From Nashville: Blake Shelton, Carly Pearce, and Dustin Lynch!


Ok so each week day at 6pm, I play you a new song we aren't playing in our daytime rotation with "New from Nashville". Before you start yelling, I would like to add the word "YET"!

I love your feedback, so let me know what you think of the songs below! No bashing, just gimme them good vibes (also the name of Chris Janson's new song I played last week.... look it up!).

Our first "New From Nashville" for the week of March 25th (I KNOW! I ALREADY SAID I'M LATE WITH THIS ONE! STOP YELLING AT ME!) was from Carly Pearce! If you haven't heard yet, she was recently added to the Jason Aldean show at Summerfest on June 28th along with Kane Brown. Anyone else hoping that Michael Ray takes the stage with her for a duet? They're like the new Tim & Faith and we are here for it! This one's called "Closer To You" (where Michael makes a small cameo in the video), and it's her best to radio (IMO) so far!

Hunter Hayes' new one "Heartbreak" is a fun song, but the video is what really got me liking it! It's almost like a modern day "Groundhog Day", but fortunately for us Hunter is way cuter than Bill Murray (sorry Bill!). Hunter is also playing at The Rave on May 5th, and I'm sure it will be packed after seeing the crowd that showed up for him at Summerfest last year! "Heartbreak" was our "New From Nashville" on Tuesday.

Justin Moore played Wednesday's song, "The Ones That Didn't Make It Home", backstage for us when he played The Rave. The lyrics are powerful, and full warning, the video will make you ugly cry at your desk with the different scenarios incorporated in it. Check it out below.

Ya know when you were in high school and you drove around happy as a clam because you FINALLY had your license and some sort of freedom? This one will get you feeling a little nostalgic with that. Dustin Lynch's "Ridin' Roads" was Thursday's "New From Nashville", and don't forget to get your tickets to see him open for Thomas Rhett along with Russell Dickerson!

Last but certainly not least, the former Sexiest Man Alive, Blake Shelton, had a huge iHeartCountry World Premier with this one on Friday! I'm not gonna lie to you ... at first, I wasn't sure on this one. But the more I heard it, the more it grew on me .... and now I dig it! It was written by Hardy (who has wrote numerous Florida Georgia Line songs, and his own song "Rednecker" is out now) and Devin Dawson .... give "God's Country" a few listens!

My bonus blog track today belongs to this freaking queen, Abby Anderson. Seriously, if you don't like her, you may not have a soul. She has the best personality, she's adorable, and her voice is amazing! This is her new one "Good Lord" !

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