Shannen and Adam Tour Chicago in a Plane!

If you don't already know this, my boyfriend, Adam, is straight-up OBSESSED with planes. He grew up in the flight path of O'hare, and loves to look at the different models to the point where him and his best friend (who now lives in Arizona) will talk on the phone for a solid twenty minutes almost every day about planes. In fact, the first time that I went to his parents' house, every plane that flew over us, he'd tell me where it was most likely going because he knew the majority of the flight times.

Anyways, for his birthday last September, I scored a good deal on a private plane tour of Chicago. The place ended up receiving really good reviews on Facebook, so I thought I'd give it a go. After a few tries of getting rained out and scheduling conflicts, we were finally able to cash-in the flight over the weekend! The tour was only about forty minutes, but it was so much fun. Adam ended up geeking out over the fact that we could hear the air traffic controllers through the headsets that the pilot gave us. Which, speaking of our pilot, Alex - he was awesome! He was very conversational and funny. I wasn't sure how to take it when I asked him how long he'd been flying, and he said "Oh, about three months..."

Of course, he was just kidding!

Imagine "Come Fly With Me" as the background music...

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