New From Nashville with Dylan Scott, Dan & Shay, & Chris Janson!

How likely are you to check out new music? Are you the kind of person who just wants the songs you can sing along to?

It's hard programming a radio station. You would think OH MY GOSH I WOULD LOVE THAT but then you get complaints day in and day out because you're not playing a certain artist or song enough, or you're playing an artist or song too often. I love feedback. I really do. There's a humongous difference though between constructive criticism and just straight up complaining. So this week, I totally invite your feedback. Just no whining, ok? Wine... yes. Whining... no.

Ok so if you've never heard of this feature, it's called "New From Nashville" where I play a new song that is not played in our daytime rotation (not yet, any way) every week day at 6pm CT. If you're not near a radio or you don't live in the Milwaukee area, well then let me get my quick iHeartRadio plug in.... YOU CAN LISTEN TO US ANY WHERE ANY TIME YOU WANT IT'S SUPER COOL AND THERE'S LOTS OF FREE FEATURES ON IT. DOWNLOADING IT IS FREE AND YOU GET OUR STATION AND LOTS OF COOL PODCASTS. Sorry for yelling, I just use it every single day so I'm a big fan.

This past week, Dylan Scott kicked off the week with "Nothing To Do Town". Personally, this is my favorite song Dylan has put out to radio. It's got a great hook that gets stuck in your head. He'll be here in the summer at the Washington County Fair with Mitchell Tenpenny and Travis Denning! Oh and how could I forget ... he just announced on social media that they're expecting baby #2!

Tuesday was "Someone That I Used To Know" from Zac Brown Band .... not to be confused with Adele's "Someone Like You". This one was co-written be Zac AND Shawn Mendes, so I was a fan immediately. The fiddles will get you real hyped during your work day! And if you didn't catch ZBB last year at Alpine Valley, you can see them this year at Summerfest on June 30th!

*WARNING: Maybe fast forward through the first 20 seconds of the video ... especially if you're at work!

This guy brings so much energy to his shows, and he's back with a feel good hit! Wednesday's song was "Good Vibes" from Chris Janson.

Their whole tour is sold out, including their show in Madison this week, and rightfully so! These guys are so insanely good live, and they were so much fun to hang with before they took the stage at the Fiserv Forum this past October. Dan & Shay's "All To Myself" was Thursday's song!

Closing out the week is a new group that stopped by our station last week ... King Calaway! They have amazing harmony, and their first song to radio is this one, "World For Two".

Ok .... time for that feedback! What did you think?! Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Oh, and this is my bonus song of the week. Lauren Jenkins has such an amazing voice that at times sounds like your favorite super stars .... including Taylor Swift! Here's her song "No Saint".

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