My first Botox experience

True Life: I was a tanaholic.

I'm not sure if that's the correct term, but you get what I'm saying. I was in high school/college when "Jersey Shore" was super popular, and I rolled with their way-too-tan look. I would go tanning all the time, and when I got a job at the tanning salon I frequented, I went even more. Looking back, I want to scream, "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!? THIS IS TERRIBLE FOR YOU, AND YOUR SKIN IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE A CROSS BETWEEN A WRINKLY HIPPO AND A SCALY CROCODILE!" I would go 5 or 6 times per week, and I would feel uneasy and anxious if I couldn't go. It was a full on addiction, and I'm glad to say I kicked it a few years back.

Here's a great visual for you, and me being hella awkward with the Goo Goo Dolls (fun fact: they're from my hometown, Buffalo).

Fast forward, I went to a dermatologist .... which is the equivalent to me as it is for a lot of people going to the dentist. I was terrified. I knew something had to be going on because of how I didn't take care of my skin in like ever (I kid you not when I say I wore SPF 8 at the most outside if I wore anything at all), and the fact that one of my favorite people on the planet, my Gma, had skin cancer.

I went in and had a full body scan, and I had to have 2 spots removed. It was nerve racking, and I tried to hold it together while telling my husband who was very concerned. Luckily, it came back negative after testing, but I still have some spots I have to keep an eye on. I also go in yearly to get my freck check on.

Now I have the scar on my stomach (and another on my upper back) to remind me to lather up and look like Powder every time I go out. I use SPF 30 or 50 at all times, and I make sure my make up also has SPF in it. I do sometimes indulge with a good spray tan, and it's not a crazy process like Ross makes it seem to be on "Friends".

Besides every thing health related, my skin is just horrible now. I have sun spots and wrinkles galore, and I decided last year that 2019 would be the year that I get serious with my skin care and treatments once and for all. I have had facials and microneedling treatments (holy flipping skin care, Batman, I love me some of that), and about 6 weeks ago, Jamie over at Anton's Salon gave me some complimentary Botox.

If you're in the same boat as me, I highly recommend trying Anton's in Pewaukee out .... ESPECIALLY right now during our Bid On Milwaukee online auction! You could save a TON on gift cards (I'm talking up to 60% off retail value here, my adorable beauty mark!), but it ends TODAY (Thursday) at 7pm!

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