New From Nashville - Week of March 4th

I feel like this week's New From Nashville (6pm every weekday) deserves a little story time.

I rarely freak out over meeting celebrities, but last summer I lost my mind meeting Dierks Bentley. I've loved him since high school, and seeing him in the flesh was like seeing an angel in real life. Now you probably think, "Oh man did she scream? Did she cry? What does she mean when she said she lost her mind?" Well, friend .... none of the above. I legit blacked out while he was talking to me. So yea .... when people ask if we get still star struck, the answer is rarely .... but when it does happen, it feels like a stroke because you keep telling yourself, "BE COOL MAN BE COOL BUT OH MY GAWD IT'S DIERKS BENTLEY AND HE'S SO HANDSOME AND 'COME A LITTLE CLOSER' GETS ME FEELIN' A TYPE OF WAY BUT LIKE BE FREAKING COOL HE'S TELLING YOU A STORY BUT OH MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE JUST SAID BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO BUSY TALKING TO YOURSELF IN YOUR MIND JUST GET. IT. TOGETHER." Can you see it in my eyes below?

But getting back to Dierks and that raspy, sex panther voice of his .... on Monday for New From Nashville, it was his new one, "Living"! If you haven't listened to his whole album "The Mountain" on loop yet, then are YOU really living?

Tuesday's song was from the guy who, in my opinion, stole the show at our Class of 2019 show in January at Potowatomi with his funny stories and impressions (his Luke Bryan is pretty spot on!). Travis Denning's personality makes him someone you want to party with, and this song really showcases his voice. Check out "After A Few" below.

I feel like I was not prepared for how flipping good Brothers Osborne are live. They played at the Riverside Theater Wednesday night, and I was blown away by how insanely talented they are. They're super nice guys too, and Wednesday's song was "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)".

David Lee Murphy is coming back to Milwaukee to play at The Rave tomorrow (Saturday) night, and what a cool dude he is. His voice ages like a fine bottle of wine ... with a little dust on it. Thursday's song was "No Zip Code" (but he'll be playing in 53233 tomorrow).

Today (Friday) is International Women's Day, which worked out perfectly for Maren Morris and her new album "Girl". Maren is one of my favorite artists, and I can't wait to play her new album on loop like I did (and still do) with "Hero". She's like a country Christina Aguilera when it comes to being such a tiny woman with such a big and amazing voice coming out of it. I adore everything she does ("The Middle" will ALWAYS be a jam), and today's song is "Girl".

Just for the heck of it, I'm gonna throw a bonus song/video out there this week because I am mildly OBSESSED with this song from Maren's hubby, Ryan Hurd. Their voices together are perfection on this one, and it will instantly get stuck in your head. This is "To A T".

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