The 6 Rules for a Successful Marriage

(thumbnail picture: Dawn M. Gibson photography)

Marriage is hard. There. You're finally getting the truth.

Is it a beautiful thing when you find the person you can't imagine not being with even though they don't load the dish washer correctly? Absolutely. But having a successful partnership is work. Hard work. It's not all glitz and cute Instagram moments. It's about putting in the time and effort because you love that person more than anyone else on the planet, and their happiness means more to you than your own.

I saw this series of tweets from Ryan Stephens on Twitter (@ryanstephens), and I thought he did a fantastic job with his and his wife's 6 rules for a success marriage.

If you feel like you're in some sort of a rut, or maybe you're about to get married, or maybe you think your relationship is going just swell, you need to read all of these and start incorporating them asap.

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