The ladies of "Wisconsins" were on for "Women Crushing It Wednesday"

Because having 1 podcast to keep up with isn't enough .... I've got two!

Every week I have this one, Women Crushing It Wednesday, where I bring in a lady who is killing the game .... but this week it was a crossover with my girls from our other podcast, Wisconsins!

If you haven't listened to Wisconsins, my coworkers Sam and Hannah and I sit down to talk about the crazy stuff that has happened in Wisconsin. So far, we've covered Ed Gein (including one episode where we talk to Sam's amazing Grandma Sharon that lived next to Gein), Jayme Closs, and the Teen Hatchet Killers of Sheboygan. You can listen to them all here, or search for Wisconsins on our free iHeartRadio app.

This week, the ladies and I talked about our favorites at the Oscars, if we have a type when it comes to dating (and if our significant others do too), and of course .... all of the messed up stuff we've been looking into for Wisconsins.

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