How Often Should You Actually Shower?

We've all been there before. You wake up and decide you're having a lazy day. You're not leaving the house and you're going to skip hitting the shower. Which brings up the question, how long can you go without a shower?

The answer: It depends.

According to health professionals if you have a labor-intensive job, live in a hot, humid climate, or exercise you need to take a shower every day.

Excess oil on the skin clogs the pores, which can lead to facial and body acne and rinsing off every day removes odor-producing bacteria from your skin

As far as men versus women; turns out the fellas don’t perspire much can afford to go 2 to 3 days without showering, women may want to be sure to only forgo a day at most.

Don't go showering too much though because excessive showering weakens your skin’s barrier function, making it more likely to react to fragrances, and soaps, plus your skin can become red, dry, and itchy.

Quick tip if you're pinched on time, you only need to scub your chest, armpits, and genitals: These areas are the biggest producers of body odor causing bacteria, fungus, and yeast.

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