Light versus Dark Liqour, What's better?

While any type of alcohol will make give you the feeling of being intoxicated, there are some differences in the effect dark versus clear alcohol can have on your body.

First lets all remember all distilled liquor starts out clear. It's not until it is aged in barrels that it takes on the darker color. While the clear liquor extracts colors from the barrel is also pulls out flavors and with the other "stuff". It's because of this "stuff"; the organic compounds and impurities that come with barrel ageing that make it that darker alcohols may have more side effects than clear.

While it's considered safe to drink dark alcohols in moderation, they do contain a higher number of impurities that form during the fermentation process. Some of them may have more negative effects on how you feel the next morning. Since clear alcohol has a much lower concentration of toxins and impurities, some doctors claim it produces hangover symptoms less frequently than darker alcohol.

Interestingly however dark liquors often have more health benefits than you'd think. Often they contain antioxidants and some can carry a compound that protects the stomach lining.

We discussed a few of the facts about light versus dark liquor. Listen Below.

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