Shan's Parents Visit Arizona for Spring Training

"We want to go somewhere warm," mom said. Well, unfortunately, Arizona isn't quite as tropical as she was thinking during their visit, but Shannen's parents went down to Spring Training to see the Brewers take on the Cubs. Even though it wasn't as warm as they hoped, nothing but smiles from her dad, as he gets to cross something off on his bucket list - even if it was at the Cubs facility.

Shan asked that her parents would send pictures (and maybe a video or two) of the facilities because there are so many people in Milwaukee who have that same wish of going down to Spring Training, but the resources never line up - whether that's vacation time or some other reason. Even though they're wearing light jackets in the photos, Shannen keeps reminding them the weather down in AZ is way better than what they're missing in Wisconsin!

Meanwhile...Shan's at home trying to get the dog to go outside and do his business in the blowing winds with drifting snow.


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