How To Protect Your Car From Being Hacked

Let's face it, if you drive a new vehicle, it's basically a 2-ton mobile computer! From all the engine systems, to brakes to radio and GPS. Cars today are more connected than ever.

What's not so great about that is hackers can use that connectivity to access your private information, steal your car or even worse.

Experts that have been looking at automobile cyber security say; If you can unlock and start your car using an app, then a hacker just needs to gain access to that app and your vehicle can be compromised.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself. According to Consumer Reports, practicing basic cyber-hygiene reduce cybersecurity risks. Use strong passwords on internet-connected devices, store key fobs in secure areas and reset in-vehicle entertainment systems to original factory settings if you rent out or sell your car.

We discussed the thought of a car being hacked and explain more on the show. Listen below.

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