Ashley McBryde got the coziest gift from Miranda Lambert

Holy crap .... sorry ..... I'm just that in love with this episode of my podcast.

I've gotten really lucky with awesome lady guests for Women Crushing It Wednesday, and this week was phenomenal. I love Ashley McBryde's "Girl Goin' Nowhere", and I was so stoked to see her at The Rave (goosebumps on goosebumps).

I got to talk to her backstage before the show, and I could have talked to her for like 3 more hours. Her energy is infectious, and she is so genuine. We talked about her time at the Grammys (and how she was so excited to see Cardi B there), thoughtful gifts she received from both Miranda Lambert and Luke Combs while out on tour with them, and how she feels about wearing band/artist tshirts to their shows. Check it all out below or on our free iHeartRadio app.

CONGRATULATIONS too to Ashley on her ACM Award nominations!!!

Here I am trying not to geek out because she's literally the coolest.

Now please go listen to this song on loop for forever.

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