That one time I dressed up as Bernie Sanders and tormented my coworkers

I'm warning you in advance .... this will probably be the dumbest thing you will watch all day, but it still makes me laugh 2 years later.

I had a slight obsession with Bernie Sanders the character (let's skip the political talk, k? I don't have time for it and neither do you), and I would often do my impressions of him on air and drive my co host Kevin nuts with it. He eventually gave him, and agreed to help me with this video.

I wrote down random Bernie quotes and put them in my pocket, and then would surprise my co workers at their cubicles at iHeartMedia in Albany, New York as Bernie was visiting our fine city that week. My favorite is at the end with the man, the myth, the legend - my old boss and dad #2, Randy McCarten.

In honor of him announcing he's running for President again in 2020 (DO YOU FEEL THE BERN?!), I bring you this on a Throwback Tuesday.

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