Study: Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Have Smarter Children

According to new research done at The University of Oxford women with big butts have a lot to celebrate. Oxford's latest study examined the health and intelligence of larger bottomed women as well as those with smaller backsides and they've come to some interesting conclusions. For one thing, the scientists found that the ladies with the bigger butts are actually healthier than those who lack the booty. They have lower cholesterol, lower levels of glucose and are more resistant to chronic illnesses. Also, the women that got buns are also smarter.

But wait, there's more! The researchers even found a correlation between intelligence and the kids of women with larger derrieres. It turns out the children of bigger-bottomed girls are smarter than those who come from moms with smaller behinds.

Scientists think it could have something to do with good types of fatty acids like Omega-3, which women with bigger rears have more of, and babies need fatty acids for their brains to develop.

While the findings are of interest, the researchers made sure to note that intelligence also has a lot to do with genetics, and they discourage any mom-to-be from thinking they should put on weight just to have a smarter kid.

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