Milwaukee Art Museum could become a LEGO set

If you've been inside Mayfair Mall and walked past the LEGO store you have probably seen some pretty impressive sculptures, built entirely of LEGO. The classic brick building system is very popular with kids and Adults.

Adult builders including our own Ridder love the LEGO Architecture series of kits. And it's easy to see why. The entire series is tiny models of famous landmarks like the White House, the Seattle Space Needle, the Guggenheim Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and even some city skylines. They are sleek and modern-looking, often in just black or white bricks.

Now one brickmaster from Budapest, Vida Andras has created a LEGO Calatrava that he hopes will be added to the LEGO Architecture series. Yes the Milwaukee Art Museum could become a LEGO set!

Andras, an artist and LEGO enthusiast posted this video showing his version, which is extremely detailed and authentic, including the staircase with its railings running up the middle, between the brise soleil wings.

The project has been posted on the LEGO Ideas web site and has garnered support from more than 1,000 voters so far, with 503 days left to vote. You can go to the site here and log in to vote to have the Milwaukee Art Museum added to the LEGO Architecture series.

The project needs 10,000 supporters to move forward. We CAN do it!


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