Florida Georgia Line Debuts 'Can't Say I Ain't Country' at Release Party

Florida Georgia Line iHeartCountry Album Release Party

Florida Georgia Line celebrated the release of their brand new album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, during an intimate show in New York City where they performed some of their new songs live for the first time.

Can't Say I Ain't Country is Florida Georgia Line's fourth full-length studio album and follows their 2016 album Dig Your Roots. The duo's new record showcases 20 new songs, including singles like "Simple," "Talk You Out Of It" and "Women" which features Jason Derulo. Can't Say I Ain't Country also features collaborations with Jason Aldean ("Can't Hide Red"), and country newcomer Hardy, in addition to several skits with a collaborator called Brother Jervel.

During their exclusive iHeartCountry Album Release Party, FGL performed a lot from Can't Say I Ain't Country including "Colorado," "Simple," "Meant To Be," "People are Different," "Swerve" and "Y'all Boys." The guys also performed fan favorites like "H.O.L.Y.," "How We Roll," "Round Here," "Up Down," and closed the show with their 2012 smash hit single "Cruise" (and a few shots of whiskey, of course).


FGL's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard also opened up about the making of Can't Say I Ain't Country during a special Q&A portion of the show. See what they had to say about their new album below:

Why they decided to call the album Can't Say I Ain't Country:

Tyler: "That's just a fun song that we wrote a while back and as we were recording it in the studio, having a lot of fun with it, we said, 'Man. This kind of encompasses this whole [album]." As we continued to record the album, we were like, 'I think we should just call it' — it was actually B.K.'s idea — 'why don't we just call it Can't Say I Ain't Country?' Because that song was so much fun, we were kind of on cloud nine about that song at the moment and thought it kind of encompassed this album. It's a little more [of a] country feel, and got some more country traditional elements in it. We just wanted to use that title and make some people talk, and also just kind of sell it out that way."

How they chose their collaborations:

"It was amazing. Everybody that's on our album in the collaborations, it just fit perfect. It was really organic. We wrote a song called 'Women' with Jason Derulo out in L.A. a couple years ago and there was no chance his voice wasn't going to be on that one. We left it, already sounded amazing, and we already had a vision of what it was going to sound like. And Jason Aldean, he answered back real quick and said, 'Hey. I'll hop on with y'all. That's sounds amazing. Love the song.' And Hardy is somebody, one of those young guns. We love him [and] couldn't be more proud of him. He's a rock star. He's a hell of a song writer and also a heck of an artist, too. So we kind of go by the song and imagine who we hear [and] who fits naturally and just kind of put out feelers."

They explain who Brother Jervel is:

Tyler: "He's actually a good friend of ours. His name is Chris, we call him Nugget. We've called him Nugget for years. We've known Nugget for about as long as B.K. and I have known each other. He's just always been a good friend. And, he has a few alter egos, but this Brother Jervel is the guy that ... it's kind of our favorite. He's called us and left us multiple voicemails over the years. And just get us rolling laughing. And we just had an idea, 'Man what if we just did something a little different like they used to do back in the day on the old hip hop albums and stuff? And have like an interlude, or a skit, that kind of sets up the next song.' And, we just thought Jervel would be great at it. So, we got in the studio with him and goofed off for a couple of hours and laughed a lot, and turned it into a little skit for the fans."

On Their Song "Talk You Out of It":

"This is one of the outside songs on this record that we didn't write. Some of our good buddies in Nashville, some amazing songwriters in Nashville wrote this. And, when it hit our email, it's one of those songs that you just don't stop singing in your head; you don't stop listening to. I remember my wife walking around the house listening to it and singing it. She's started calling it the shower song. You kind of know when everybody is singing it, you can't get it out your head, and it's like four, five days later, and you only listen to it a million times. You're like, 'Well, I guess we gotta cut it.'"

Florida Georgia Line is up for two iHeartRadio Music Awards in March for their Bebe Rexha collaboration, and in May the duo is set to take the stage in Austin, Texas at the 2019 iHeartCountry Festival, alongside a star-studded lineup of country artists.

Florida Georgia Line iHeartCountry Album Release Party

iHeartCountry Album Release Party with Florida Georgia Line

"Colorado" (Can't Say I Ain't Country)

"Simple" (Can't Say I Ain't Country)

"Meant to Be" (Can't Say I Ain't Country)

"People are Different" (Can't Say I Ain't Country)

"H.O.L.Y." (Dig Your Roots)

"Up Down" (Morgan Wallen's If You Know Me)

"Anything Goes" (Anything Goes)

"Round Here" (Here's To The Good Times)

"How We Roll" (Here's To The Good Times)

"Y'all Boys" (Can't Say I Ain't Country)

"Serve" (Can't Say I Ain't Country)

"Cruise" (Here's To The Good Times)

Florida Georgia Line iHeartCountry Album Release Party
Florida Georgia Line iHeartCountry Album Release Party
Florida Georgia Line iHeartCountry Album Release Party
Florida Georgia Line iHeartCountry Album Release Party

Photos: Chris and Todd Owyoung for iHeartRadio


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