How To Delete Those Facebook Messages You Regret Sending

How many times in the last few years have you heard about someone posting something stupid on social media and getting in hot water? The nice thing about social media posts is that you can delete them, assuming someone hasn't screen captured your post before you delete it. However a private message isn't something you can take back to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Admit it you've been on facebook or Instagram and fired out a message you regretted as soon as you sent it. Until just recently, there was no real way to stop from embarrassing yourself or worse making someone angry.

According to CNBC, Facebook rolled out a new feature earlier this week that allows you to delete private messages after you’ve sent them and users will now be able to wield the supreme power that was previously only granted to Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Here’s how you can save yourself from yourself:

  1. Click on the conversation containing the message(s) you want to erase from existence
  2. Open Facebook Messenger on your phone or computer
  3. Press and hold on a message if on your phone or, if you’re using your computer, click the “…” button
  4. Select “Remove” next to the message.
  5. Select “Remove for everyone”

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