Women Crushing It Wednesday: Lisa from GILTEE

I like to go all out when it comes to supporting local businesses, and my husband got me this awesome shirt from GILTEE for Christmas because of that (pictured below from my Instagram account). Well, now I'm pretty much obsessed with everything they put out!

We had some friends visiting over the weekend, and they wanted to buy some local stuff. I took them to Sparrow Collective in my hood, Bay View, and funny enough ... the shirts and jacket they picked out and loved were all from GILTEE! They also have great hats, including this new one that's black corduroy with a little Old Fashioned on it.... super cute!

I had to have Lisa Gilson, one of the owners of GILTEE, in for Women Crushing It Wednesday because I love their brand so much. She started the company with her husband Adam who also works with my handsome dude. You can find their items all over Milwaukee, including now in the Bucks Pro Shop .... so cool right?!

We talked about how they got started, where "Tosa Is My Playground" came from, and where you can pick up their stuff (plenty of time to do so for Valentine's Day, which is why I'm posting this on Monday this week and not Wednesday).

And thank you, Lisa, for the new tshirt! This one in color is the Milwaukee flag over the state of Wisconsin, but I think it's a sin or something to post pictures with Devin Dawson in color.

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