7 GRAMMY Performances That Will Have You Screaming "GIRL POWER"!

Last night's GRAMMYs were by far my favorite that I can remember. The performances were amazing, and I loved how the ladies absolutely KILLED IT! Besides her phenomenal double piano performance (I'll post about that too, DON'T YOU WORRY!), Alicia Keys did a pretty good job hosting. There were some awkward moments where she was on camera after the breaks and didn't know it, but I loved how we got to see her having fun and talking to the crowd when she didn't know we were watching.

I tuned in right as Kacey Musgraves was about to hit the stage, and DANGGGGGG I'm so glad I didn't miss this one! Kacey performed "Rainbow" from her now GRAMMY award winning album "Golden Hour", and it gave me chills. Unfortunately, I can't find many full length videos, but here's a clip of her's.

Janelle Monae followed Kacey, and as I posted on Twitter, HER PERFORMANCE WAS WAY BETTER THAN THE HALFTIME SHOW!!! She is so flipping talented, and she's almost like a female Bruno Mars. She can sing. She can dance. AND she can play guitar. Oh, and she's a great actress (have you SEEN "Hidden Figures"? If not, put it on your list).

Truth be told, I didn't know much about H.E.R. before the GRAMMYs. I knew of her, but didn't know much else. I thought her performance was beautiful, and I was happy to see her win for Best R&B Album after watching her.... and it's not even a full album! It's an EP! Oh, and her clear guitar was pretty bad ass too.

Dolly Parton ... is there a cuter person on the planet than her?! I really enjoyed the tribute to her (and the fact that she performed with them too). The only thing I didn't love was Katy Perry. I usually like Katy, but she felt a little out of place. I also would have liked to see more from Maren Morris, and I thought Miley Cyrus killed it.

I saw some mixed reviews on Jennifer Lopez doing the Motown tribute, but I have to say ... I thought it was a lot of fun! I think she looked and sounded amazing. Maybe it would have been better if Beyonce did it, but I thought JLo did a really great job!

"Shallow" from "A Star Is Born" won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and I think Lady Gaga's performance of it was a real winner last night too! She was intense (no surprise there), but her voice is just ... perfection. She's an absolute rock star, and the only way it would have been better is if Bradley Cooper surprised us all and came out on stage to perform with her.

And last but certainly not least, one piano wasn't enough for Alicia Keys. Girlfriend slayed covers on TWO, yes TWO, pianos while also hosting the big night. Can we also just pause and talk about how amazing she looks without make up on too... WE. ARE. NOT. WORTHY.

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