Things Couples Should Stop Posting On Social Media

We've all seen it, and puked a bit in our mouths... the over the top lovey social media posts about someone's significant other. I mean we get it, being in love is awesome and sharing your life and jokes with friends is fun and all, but some couples feel the need to share every single detail about their romantic life with all 628 of their “friends” online. Sttahhhhhppppp!

It's nice to see that you love your bae, but really these are the things we need couples to stop sharing on social media.

  • Status updates declaring your love - We get it, you’re head over heels for each other and we’re really happy for you. But do you really need to publicly profess your affection where people feel the need to “like” it?
  • Your text conversations - We don’t get your inside jokes that are only hilarious to you and just don’t find those simple “I miss you” texts as endearing as you do, so please stop uploading screen grabs to Instagram.
  • Passive-aggressive rants about your S.O. - Keep your spat about who left dirty dishes in the sink to yourselves. We don’t want to take sides on that one.
  • An endless feed of couple photos - A photo or two is cute, but if your whole online presence is pics of you and your partner, enough already.
  • Bed selfies - Get a room and keep your private business in there, not on the interwebs, please. There are some things we just don’t want to think about, okay?

What would you add to this list? What irks you the most about couples posting on social media?

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