The Ultimate Wisconsin Wedding Cake

Brides and grooms spend tons of time taste testing to pick out the perfect one... and we're not talking about venue, dress or colors. The most time might be spent on finding the perfect cake. The cake and frosting combo has to be just right. If you've ever ordered a wedding cake you know they cost a lot of cheddar!

Speaking of cheddar, Costco is selling a five-tier cake that's a cheese lover's dream. or simply the ultimate Wisconsin wedding cake!

The bottom layer is 8 pounds of Red Leicester - an English cheddar.

Then it's followed by 7 pounds of Danish Blue - a mild bleu cheese.

Then added is 5 pounds of Murcia al Vino - drunken goat cheese.

Heading towards the top is 3 pounds of Tuscan Sheep's Cheese - sheep milk cheese cured with salt.

The very top is 17 oz of Brillat Savarian Triple Cream Brie - a cream brie from France.

Costco Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Wedding Cake

The amazingly colorful cheese tiered cake also appears to have some flowers in the mix to make things a little dressier than cheese wheels on top of each other. The Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Wedding Cake comes in at a whopping 24 pounds of artisan cheese and will run you $439.99.

Image Credit: Costco

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