Yes, I Lost Over 70lbs. Here's How I Did It.

Its been quite a journey to get to where I am, down over 70lbs... ⚖️ How’d I do it?... Here’s the full honest story... 

 I started my journey around Christmas last year sitting at 236lbs. I was a new dad that wanted to do all I could to be an active healthy dad and example for my son. 

 Firstly I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of the two people in this picture! 

That said: It’s been the talk of most social gatherings, and quite frankly it’s something I have a hard time talking about. So I feel it’s time to address it. 

 Yes, I should celebrate my accomplishment and I truly do appreciate all of the kind words. However the question “how did you do it?” Is very tough for me to answer and talk about. I feel as if sometimes people think I’ve jumped on some fad diet, workout trend or supplement. None of those are true and when I give my answer “Nothing really, I just eat clean.” A few people have looked at me with dis-belief. Even crazier, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in over a year!

If you follow me on instagram I know you see all the pictures of delicious food and good eats that go along with my travels.  I promise I do eat those foods!  With that said I understand how that could make you scratch your head. The answer is simple. I eat right 95% of the time. 

The secret to any success is sticking to something... like sports “practice makes perfect.” Sticking to your diet and lifestyle is key. Find a strategy that fits your life, and spoiling yourself from time to time is a must. I can’t tell you how much sometimes I hate myself for eating or drinking certain things. Sometimes I even feel ill. But I move on. Eat right the rest of the day. 

Along with eating clean I also practice intermittent fasting. I eat from noon to 8pm. I realize living and eating that way doesn’t fit everyone. And it shouldn’t. Everyone is different. 

Fasting is not possible for diabetics, or those that work in un-predictable jobs like nurses or doctors that could end up not getting to eat for hours. I’ve found what works for me. You can find a system and lifestyle that works for you. I believe in YOU.

Along with the fasting, I am essentially gluten free. I limit my carbs and eat tons of greens and green veggies. I call (salad)greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts my “infinite foods.” Meaning I can eat as many of them as I want. Because really you can. They are filling and not calorie dense. Starchy vegetables and fruits are much more calorie dense. 

 I’ve always been a person that thrives on meat. While I mostly eat chicken and pork, I’ll still tackle a cow and tear it apart like a lion!  Not everyone can or should eat this way. Note: I still watch and control my fat intake. Don’t ever call me Keto or say that word around me. It’s a fad. 

Bottom line, I am very proud of the work I’ve done. It hasn’t been easy. The mental struggles that go along with it have been something that I’ve had to work on. I couldn’t have done any of this without the love and support of my wife Sarah and our son Jackson. 

I’ve went from wearing 38x30 jeans down to loose 32x30 and from XL shirts to Medium!

The one thing I never took into account; the loose skin. So I still feel like I have a beer belly flap. It’s just skin. My wife loves me and I’m not trying to impress anyone else, so I don’t care. I look at it like my trophy. I cleaned that sucka out! Hang there and remind me not to let you fill up again. 

I’m not a dietitian, I’m not a medical professional, and I know ZERO about nutrition. I just thought I could try and answer all the questions in one place. 

Put simply, Eat your damn veggies! (And control your calories)

This IS NOT a diet. It’s a lifestyle. 

Then again this is on the internet now, so it must be true. Maybe I should lead the charge of the new “it” diet? My book will be out soon. Hahahahhaha.  

 Thanks y’all for the support.

Any questions about more feel free to reach out via email or my socials.


Twitter: @onairridder

Instagram: @onairridder

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