Women Crushing It Wednesday: Amanda from Integrative Health & Wellness

This week, we have TWO ladies for Women Crushing It Wednesday! One is Lainey Wilson, an up & coming country artist who just played at The Rave, and Amanda! 

Amanda is the owner and a nutritionist at Integrative Health & Wellness in Brookfield, WI, and I am so intrigued by what she does! She has her clients give their blood at a lab that she then analyzes to see what they should and shouldn't be eating. Then, she can put together meal plans specifically for their needs.

Our Market President, Colleen Valkoun, and her daughter are clients of Amanda's, and I remember when Colleen told me about how she was tested, and how she shouldn't eaten chicken and broccoli ... yes, you read that right! Usually when you think of diets, you think of that duo, right? Well, it was actually doing her body WAY more harm than good. And she found that all out thanks to Amanda. It has not only helped her, but it's also helped her daughter to clear up her skin (and dang .... I know I need that in my life too!).

Listen to our chat below .... it's SO eye opening when it comes to your health, and how you should be tested to see what foods are best for you when it comes to your weight (losing OR gaining), your complexion, and even breathing problems you may be experiencing. She also gives free consultations, so you really have no excuse not to go!

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